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Je betaling is volbracht.

Dank je wel!


Financial inspiration

& unburdening....

 For entrepreneurs and individuals.

 More than 10 years of experience. 

 Administration, accounting, personnel and payroll, and tax matters.

 Coaching, guidance and advice.

50% of all profits from ADM Totaal B.V. are donated to our NGO: Stichting EnZpire.

100% of the donations go to sustainable projects in developing countries. 

If you also want to help create opportunities for a better world, create a positive impact by making a donation or becoming a change maker.

When you make a donation don’t forget to request a donation certificate to comply for tax deductible.


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Our Services


Do you have any questions and/or need advice?

Feel free to email us to discuss what we can do for you. 

administration bookkeeping

- Bookkeeping

- Administration

- Intrim services

Staff &
salary administration

- Personnel administration

- Payroll administration

- Payroll declarations

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Various tax returns & reports

- VAT returns

- ICP declarations

- Oss declarations

- Corporate income tax returns

- Annual accounts


- NIWO permit (application or extension)

- KIWA registration 

- WAS statement

Advice & guidance

- Advice

- Business plan

- Coaching and guidance

- Intrim services

Personal tax matters

- IB declaration

- Surcharges

- Objections

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