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NIWO declaration

Do you need a NIWO declaration to demonstrate your creditworthiness when applying for a NIWO permit or extending a current permit.

Fast and reliable by a NOAB certified accounting office.  

And everything is easily arranged online for an affordable rate. 

As a certified member of NOAB, we are sworn to issue a balance statement for applying for a (NIWO) Euro license.

We can also help with the entire application.

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Feel free to email us to discuss what we can do for you. 

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Fill in the contact form or send us an email. We will respond within 24 hours. 

Provide requested information

After approval of the quote, you will receive an email with all the necessary information we need for the statement. If anything is unclear, we will contact you. 

Providing NIWO expertise statement

After checking and determining the data, you will receive the declaration of expertise.

€ 275, - ex VAT

Especially for starting transport entrepreneurs who do not yet carry out any or few activities. 

€ 395, - ex VAT


For existing companies and renewals of existing permits.

On request


Need help with all or part of your application? We can provide a suitable quote. 



Digital communication with the NIWO

The NIWO would like to draw your attention to the need to arrange eHerkenning level 3 for the year 2022. With eHerkenning you can log in securely to arrange your affairs with the government online. In this way, organizations know for sure who you say you are and that you can do what you want to do. In addition, you have the extra certainty that the site where you log in is reliable and safe. The higher the level of eHerkenning, the more sensitive information you can exchange. Finally, eHerkenning is personal and cannot be transferred or shared with others. All these extra securities ensure that you can log in safely. The great convenience is that you can log in to multiple organizations with eHerkenning. It is therefore no longer necessary for you to need separate accounts and login codes for each party, but thanks to eHerkenning you can do business with multiple parties.

Doing business with the NIWO
At the moment, an application can be submitted to the NIWO by post, e-mail or online via the business counter. This will change in the course of next year. From then on, the NIWO will make digital communication via the business counter mandatory. This is possible on the basis of an amendment to Section 2.3 of the General Administrative Law Act (Awb). This change means that government authorities can and may require companies (including sole proprietorships) to submit applications exclusively digitally. This amendment proposal is expected to be adopted by the House of Representatives in December 2021. The electronic route for submitting a license application is regulated in Section 2:15(1) of the Awb.

Digital communication desirable and necessary
The NIWO considers it desirable to make the digital route mandatory, because an application submitted via the business counter leads to an efficient and often faster processing of the application. In addition, NIWO permit holders will be obliged from next year to register the license plates for which a permit certificate has been issued in a digital register. This follows obligatorily from new regulations, the mobility package, of the European Union. This digital register is called the Vehicle Register. The Vehicle Register is not yet active, but will be opened in the course of 2022 at the NIWO entrepreneurs' counter:

eRecognition level 3
The business counter can only be used by logging in with eHerkenning level 3 or higher. The NIWO therefore advises its license holders to apply for eHerkenning level 3 from one of the suppliers as soon as possible. More information about eHerkenning level 3 can be found at

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