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About us

Jenifer and Pieter are partners in business as well as in life.

'We share our passion to want to support and help others. This also means that we often go into the field, to get to know people directly and to support them'. 

​~ Jenifer and Pieter

ADM Totaal BV was founded in April 2012 by Jenifer, whose passion is to give others the best opportunities to focus on their own passion. She does this by offering her expertise in a personal and affordable way to everyone, regardless of their current state of affairs. In consultation with her clients, she always finds a good way to put financial affairs in order and she is happy to offer her years of experience as a business consultant to help everyone grow. She does this together with her partner Pieter, who has extensive experience in both digital management & consultancy and content creation, so that a total administrative offer is offered to our customers.

'A personal approach is very important to me. I like to get to know my clients and their passion, so that I can make a maximum positive impact on both a personal and business level.

​~ Jenifer Benton


Professionalism, expertise and quality are extremely important, not only to distinguish us from the other many small firms, but because it is important to us to always be able to make decisions based on the most up-to-date information possible._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

That is why ADM Totaal BV is certified and affiliated with the following organizations:

NOAB certified since 2019

NIRPA certified since 2013

In addition, ADM Totaal BV donates 50% of its profit to ANBI foundation EnZpire, creating more sustainable opportunities around the world. 

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