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Despite the tough economic times, it is relatively easy for freelancers to earn more. After all, it is known that these entrepreneurs lose a lot of money every year. An amount that, according to research agency Kien, can amount to approximately 170 million euros per year. Cause: many self-employed persons invoice too few hours and do not keep track of their business mileage. They are also insufficiently aware of tax laws and regulations. A large proportion of the self-employed see the administration as the capstone of the company and experience this as a necessary evil. With accounting as the neglected child, they fail to make optimal use of current (fiscal) benefits. By creating a clear and complete overview, you have more time and money to do business. 

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- Bookkeeping

- Administration

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salary administration

- Personnel administration

- Payroll administration

- Payroll declarations

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Various tax returns & reports

- VAT returns

- ICP declarations

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- NIWO permit (application or extension)

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- WAS statement

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Personal tax matters

- IB declaration

- Surcharges

- Objections


Box 3: file a declaration as usual

The consequences of the 'Christmas ruling' of the Supreme Court have not yet been incorporated into the current tax return program 2021. As a result, taxpayers with box 3 income see an income and a calculated tax amount in the tax return program that may not be correct.

People who report in box 3 can now report this as they did in previous years. The Tax and Customs Administration keeps the returns with Box 3 separate. As soon as the State Secretary has announced how to implement the consequences of the ruling, the Tax and Customs Administration calculates the correct amount.

The State Secretary will not make a decision on the solution until after the declaration period. The Tax and Customs Administration will inform people who file a tax return in box 3 about the fact that the final assessments will probably be imposed later than the usual date of 1 July.

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