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Personnel and payroll administration

When you as an entrepreneur decide to hire people, we can take a lot of work off your hands. There is a lot more to this than signing a contract and paying salary. We can support you with the right advice and set up a solid personnel and salary administration.

Even if you already have employees, we can go through the existing administration with you to see if it can be improved and clearer.

There are many things to keep in mind when hiring employees. Such as drawing up the employment contract in accordance with the applicable collective labor agreement, applying for a payroll tax number from the tax authorities, calculating the (hourly) salary costs per employee and taking care of the salary specification. As a partner, you can be sure that everything is taken care of down to the last detail – and that you won't forget anything.

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Feel free to email us to discuss what we can do for you. 

administration bookkeeping

- Bookkeeping

- Administration

- Intrim services

Staff &
salary administration

- Personnel administration

- Payroll administration

- Payroll declarations

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Various tax returns & reports

- VAT returns

- ICP declarations

- Oss declarations

- Corporate income tax returns

- Annual accounts


- NIWO permit (application or extension)

- KIWA registration 

- WAS statement

Advice & guidance

- Advice

- Business plan

- Coaching and guidance

- Intrim services

Personal tax matters

- IB declaration

- Surcharges

- Objections


Box 3: file a declaration as usual

The consequences of the 'Christmas ruling' of the Supreme Court have not yet been incorporated into the current tax return program 2021. As a result, taxpayers with box 3 income see an income and a calculated tax amount in the tax return program that may not be correct.

People who report in box 3 can now report this as they did in previous years. The Tax and Customs Administration keeps the returns with Box 3 separate. As soon as the State Secretary has announced how to implement the consequences of the ruling, the Tax and Customs Administration calculates the correct amount.

The State Secretary will not make a decision on the solution until after the declaration period. The Tax and Customs Administration will inform people who file a tax return in box 3 about the fact that the final assessments will probably be imposed later than the usual date of 1 July.

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